Peter Wallack's Images from Sanibel

The bird images of this site are free to use for educational and non-profit organizations.

I do ask that you e-mail me or phone me to let me know of your intentions. If you do not get an e-mail reply from on Sanibel Island then I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico at 505-986-0322.

I am very pleased that National Geographic Books is publishing Florida Birds in March 2005 with my 2001 Snowy Egret Preening image as its cover and 20 other full-page images, which also appear on this site.

Many museums, including The British Museum, universities, publications, schools environmental organizations and state parks have found the images here useful. I am always pleased to receive photographs of the images on display, CD ROMs, books and other publications where The Birds Of Sanibel are used. Power point slides shows are another way these images have been used.

The commercial use of these images or fine art prints are strictly limited to negotiated sales.

Good Luck to all concerned with the well being of our birds and environment. If using these images furthers that concern, I will be most gratified.

Peter Wallack
590 Piedmont Road
Sanibel, Florida 33957

Peter Wallack
1204 Vista Verde Court
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


From The Birds of Sanibel: